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Design Tray Interior (S) Pte Ltd established as a sole proprietorship in June 1984. Jacqueline Suah, the founder and driver behind the business, was then a budding 21 years-old. With a friend’s help, she clinched her first contract worth a full S$50,000.00 and the rest became history.

Jacqueline and Design Tray grew up together over the last 19 years. They went through the trials and tribulations of business and tasted both success and disappointment. However uneven the road, her determination did not wear off. In fact, she became more resilient and catalyzed more new ideas. Design Tray, always at the forefront of interior design, has withstood the test of time. Many of her customers came back for her services when they shifted to a new place, and become Jacqueline’s steadfast friends.


Systemind ®Platform is the registered trademark for the latest creations by Design Tray Interior (S) Pte Ltd. A locally design and developed concept by Design Tray Interior(S) Pte Ltd, it creatively offers the solution to many small homes and offices.Facing space constraint issues nowadays. We have protected our Systemind ® Platform series of products with the necessary. Intellectual property Rights to ensure that only we offer good quality products that meet our value customers’ needs.

Systemind® Platform products comprise of sleek-fitting modules which can be transformed into various forms of usage, such as raised platform, bed, table, bench,steps etc. according to our customers needs and desire.